The IPod Principle


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Product Description

The IPod principle is a prophetic message, where Pastor ‘O’ prophecies to the reader about where they are going in their walk with God. He gives the reader examples of how they may feel lost in their walk with God and how as Christians you may feel that you may not know what God has called you to do. The book encourages the congregation by explaining to them that all that they are destined to do is already inside of them all they have to do to unlock their potential is to follow the IPod principles. The book states that if as a believer you are not sure as to what your calling may be then you must do what Jesus did, heal the spiritually bankrupt with the gospel as well as healing the broken hearted with words of encouragement and words of comfort. The book reminds the reader that we are made in the image of God and because of this we must speak positive words and not idle words. The book concludes the message by stating that if as a congregation they follow the IPod principles and then they shall grow spiritually and unto the next spiritual level.