Family Enhancement

The family is made up of a man who is the husband, father and head of his household. He is the primary breadwinner and determines the direction that his family must go towards. The degree of success he can expect will usually be commensurate with his submission to the leadership of Christ by His word. A man who is a faithful disciple of The Lord Jesus will invariably enjoy the respect and submission of his wife and the honour and obedience of his children.

couple_handsJesus’s common strategy was to rope in the kingpin who would in turn bring in his gang. For example, Matthew’s call attracted many publicans, prostitutes and sinners; Peter’s call brought in many other fishermen; the woman at the well brought in an entire Samaritan village etc. Similarly, the faithfulness of a man positively impacts his household. Joshua, Moses’s successor pledged his household’s allegiance to the service of God alongside his. Seminars, teachings, retreats,books and the like, will be utilised by Aslan LIFE to groom men who will take their God-ordained positions: men who will be present, strong, God-fearing providers; in contra distinction to the absentee, “baby-daddy”, sullen,silent, idle wimps that ravage the contemporary social landscape.

The second-in-command in the home is the virtuous woman called to be wife, mother and primary home-keeper. She is the glue that holds the family together. According to Proverbs 14:1, if she is wise, she will build her home and if she is foolish, she will tear it down with her own hands! ¬†As with the art of leadership with the man, home-keeping skills do not just drop into a woman’s laps but have to be consciously and diligently learnt.


Aslan LIFE Ministries conducts annual couples retreats. At these relaxed weekend-away events, couples are provided with a safe environment, for relaxation, recreation, instruction, counselling, fellowship and even repentance where necessary. Highlights of the 2013 Retreat were a vow-renewal ceremony, a communion service and a red-carpet, black-tie event at which all the husbands got on their knees and presented secret, exquisite, well-considered gifts to their wives!

Raising children in this post-modern,media-driven world is one of the more difficult tasks. Godly Christian parents are in fierce competition with the glitz and glamour and overt pornography of Hollywood and the graphic violence of video games contending with them for the eternal souls of their children. Simon Cowell and his X Factor mutant debutant celebrities, overpaid, badly brought-up, ill-mannered, short-tempered footballers and their “WAG’s”, usually barely-clad Myley Cyrus etc have become unlikely role-models for impressionable young people across the nations. Aslan LIFE foresees a time when it will conduct crusades and concerts for young people. Holiday camps which provide a safe environment for children and youths to be taught traditional values of hard work, respect for self, others and for constituted authority while pursuing adventurous activities, are also on the cards. Meanwhile, Aslan LIFE Publishers will release and promote books and other educational materials for the broadening of the young minds.

Family ValuesFinally, activities that engender togetherness and more closely-knit family ties will be a priority. Family fun days out at theme parks and other attractions, family camping holidays and even family excursions to exotic foreign holiday destinations, as well as cruises are on the mid to long term agenda.