Aslan L.I.F.E Ministries

In consonance with our core competences as represented by LIFE everything we do is centred around making the name of Jesus a praise in all the earth.We are deliberately, decidedly and unapologetically Kingdom-minded.

We recognise that families are the bedrock and building blocks of the larger society. So many people look at the societal moral decrepitude and the preponderance of evil and throw up their hands in despair. We on the other hand believe we can change our world, one person and one family at a time. With its head servant enjoying the grace of close to two decades of pastoral ministry and over twenty- five years of marriage  experience, Aslan LIFE Ministries conducts annual couples retreats. At these relaxed weekend-away events, couples are provided with a safe environment, for relaxation, recreation, instruction, counselling, fellowship and even repentance where necessary.

The publishing arm of the Ministry has been by far the busiest of all its operations. In March 2013 our first publication rolled off the press with the evocative title: Joseph. The Power of Persistence.  This was soon to be followed, at the recommendation of one of the directors, by five booklets. Based on the most relevant and sought- out sermons from the past, these were to be in a portable and easily- read and easily-understood format. Thus The Gospel According to Abraham, What Abraham Discovered, The Hagar Alternative,  and The I.P.O.D. Principle were born. As part of the Couples Retreat, the fifth title was written with the monicker Why On Earth Did I Marry You and Other Marital FAQ’s. These titles and many other uplifting messages are available for immediate purchase on this website.

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What You See Is What You Get

Dearly Beloved,   SPRING IS HERE! Spring is officially here. As usual, it is characterised by a heightening of the senses as they are assaulted on different levels. On one side, the feel of fresh lush grass underfoot is counterbalanced by airborne rogue pollen professing to titillate but only irritating and provoking sniffles, sneezes and […]

All You Need Is Within You!

Hello there precious saints. I am very sorry for the long break in communication. So much has happened since my last message but in it all, God has been good and faithful. Not least of all is the fact that I am back in full-time pastoral ministry overseeing a fledgling church. Please do not at […]