Forsaken Our First Love

Precious Child of the Living God, 

It is always a joy and a privilege, which I do not take for granted, to share God’s word with you. It is both exciting and alarming to see how fast this year is racing to its inevitably glorious conclusion. This is the eighth month. Eight is the number of the new birth which marks victorious new beginnings. Four marks the first creation and the flesh and eight is two times four. As you have laboured and sown in the first half of the year and done what you needed to do in the natural, God is going to honour you in the realm of the spiritual and give you double for your trouble. According to Revelation 2:2- 3; good deeds, hard work and perseverance are noted, appreciated and rewarded by God. He also values those who recognise and avoid evil people. He promises to honour those who in the face of persecution did not grow weary. I know that is your story in so many uncannily accurate ways. You have faced being deprived of your possessions, position and reputation. You resisted the temptation to “cast aside your Christianity for a while” because as they say, “After all Christianity is not stupidity”. You chose to appear foolish because the foolishness of God which motivated your actions is wiser than men. Since you have been and are still being persecuted for doing the right thing, Jesus encourages you to “rejoice and be exceeding glad” because you are in the good company of Himself and the prophets who all suffered similar things in the past; and indeed, great is your reward not just in heaven, but even here on earth.

So, you are not backslidden and you are still, in a sense going through the motions. However, deep down your heart is sad and you are disappointed because many of your expectations have been unmet. You do not overtly blame God (no, you are too religious for that!) but you also do not exonerate Him. After all, though you know that He is good and does not cause evil, you also know that He is all-powerful and can prevent stuff. So why has He chosen not to? Also if that is the route He has chosen why is He so far from helping you (if you may quote David)? This is why you are somewhat tentative in your devotion to and relation with Him. This also accounts for why God says “Yet I hold this against you: you have forsaken your first love.” This suggests that your priorities have shifted; you are beginning to take for granted, the most valuable thing you have – your personal relationship with the Most High God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Compare this to when you first met that boy or girl, that man or woman that made your heart miss a beat or two and gave you goosebumps, sleepless nights and loss of appetite, amongst other symptoms. You were always at their home (when they were not at yours) or always on the phone to them. There was communication, adoration and belief. You just could not get enough of each other and it was obvious to you, to them and to the rest of the world that they were your priority. This is what The Lord God Almighty is missing in His relationship with you. This is the height He wants you to remember from which you have fallen. He recalls and yearns for those days when you first got to know Him as God and how excited, committed, enthusiastic and faith-filled you were.

Marriage counsellors advise couples who have drifted apart on account of familiarity or taking each other for granted, to put the romance back into their marriage. They are to devise exciting and innovative ways to rekindle the old flame. This is exactly what we must do in this season. We must be creative in our worship of and service to God. Stop, think and change even the hackneyed phrases you use when in God’s presence. Sing Him a new song; write Him a new poem, after all, David did not have a copyright on psalms! Spend more time with Him till you cannot just feel His heartbeat but discern His deepest desire. This will determine your Christian service. You will thus graduate from eye-service and man-pleasing dead works to faith-driven good works. You will be more sensitive to the gentle promptings of the Holy Ghost and will thereby more effectively affect the world around you.

“Repent and do the things you did at first” is God’s counsel in Revelation 2:5. Jesus’ admonition to disciples, not the multitudes, is for them to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all the other stuff which the rest of the world squanders their entire lives chasing, will be added unto you as bonuses (Matthew 6:33).

You still have enough time to ensure that your 2013 ends on the most glorious and fruitful of notes. That is simply by pursuing God relentlessly, making Him the object of your desire, pursuit, worship, fellowship and desire. Aspire to spend more time with Him than you have ever done, and to know Him better than anyone in your generation. This will provoke Him to reveal Himself to you like He has never done to anyone else. For example, when Solomon did what no man had ever done, God revealed Himself as He had never done, and gave Him what He had never given anyone before him or since then.

I need to stop and go devise my own plans for closer intimacy with God.

Happy wooing. No doubt that will guarantee that God crowns your year with goodness and causes your paths to drop with fatness.

Shalom dear one. Remember that God loves you as do I.

Your Friend and Brother,
Omawumi Michael Efueye
Aka Pastor O