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What You See Is What You Get

Dearly Beloved,   SPRING IS HERE! Spring is officially here. As usual, it is characterised by a heightening of the senses as they are assaulted on different levels. On one side, the feel of fresh lush grass underfoot is counterbalanced by airborne rogue pollen professing to titillate but only irritating and provoking sniffles, sneezes and […]

All You Need Is Within You!

Hello there precious saints. I am very sorry for the long break in communication. So much has happened since my last message but in it all, God has been good and faithful. Not least of all is the fact that I am back in full-time pastoral ministry overseeing a fledgling church. Please do not at […]

A November To Remember

  TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:1-16 Blessings precious child of the living God. I trust this message meets you in good health, peace, joy and wholeness. I am excited in my spirit for my heart is inditing a good matter (that is overflowing with good news) concerning you and God’s benevolent plans for your life.  ENTER […]

My Month Of Unusual Provision.

  Dearly Beloved, With each passing day God makes Himself more manifest and tangible to me,especially through the agency of His word. Although I am a pastor and a minister of the Gospel, not unlike everyone else, I face financial, physical, emotional, health and other problems. Some of these problems are irritatingly persistent and cyclical. […]