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I’m Expecting My Cyruses!

Cyrus the Great first bursts on the scene when the children of Israel were in Babylonian captivity. If there was a time they needed salvation and deliverance, it was at this time. Their situation looked a hopeless one. This was because not only the people but also their entire hierarchy of rulers had been taken […]

A November To Remember

  TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:1-16 Blessings precious child of the living God. I trust this message meets you in good health, peace, joy and wholeness. I am excited in my spirit for my heart is inditing a good matter (that is overflowing with good news) concerning you and God’s benevolent plans for your life.  ENTER […]

My Month Of Unusual Provision.

  Dearly Beloved, With each passing day God makes Himself more manifest and tangible to me,especially through the agency of His word. Although I am a pastor and a minister of the Gospel, not unlike everyone else, I face financial, physical, emotional, health and other problems. Some of these problems are irritatingly persistent and cyclical. […]

Aslan LIFE Pastor O

Forsaken Our First Love

Precious Child of the Living God,  It is always a joy and a privilege, which I do not take for granted, to share God’s word with you. It is both exciting and alarming to see how fast this year is racing to its inevitably glorious conclusion. This is the eighth month. Eight is the number […]