A November To Remember

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TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:1-16

Blessings precious child of the living God. I trust this message meets you in good health, peace, joy and wholeness. I am excited in my spirit for my heart is inditing a good matter (that is overflowing with good news) concerning you and God’s benevolent plans for your life.


First of all though, obey His instructions to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Thank Him that though the year has had its challenges, some of them grave, you have overcome all opposition and are still standing. Take time to thank Him for the many victories, promotions, constant provision and journey mercies on daily commutes as well as on business and leisure trips abroad. Your children passed exams and got into good schools; your family has enjoyed good health and protection; you secured that difficult visa or prevailed in the immigration imbroglio you were embroiled in. What about that thorny court case or the overwhelming debts and the prospect of bankruptcy that had long threatened to swamp you but which were instead swept away by the hand of God. Remember if you will the senior manager who unjustly harassed you for a while and then suddenly had to resign!


Admittedly, some of you are still in dire crises but you can start rejoicing as you see by faith the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are still bound by the chains of calumny, the handcuffs of high-handedness, the manacles of misrepresentation or the irons of injustice then this message is especially for you from your Father.

God sent Elijah to the wicked king Ahab warning him that there would be a long drought because of his having forsaken The Lord and leading God’s people astray in the worship of false gods. Elijah, like every child of God, was not going to be immune from the effects of God’s judgement. God had however made a way of escape so that the righteous would stand up under the universal test and not be swept away by it. By God’s word Elijah was led to the Cherith Ravine, an oasis, a secret place of the Most High, in the midst of the famine. MAY GOD OPEN YOUR EYES TO BEHOLD HIS SECRET TREASURES HIDDEN NOT FROM YOU BUT FOR YOU IN THESE TIMES OF FAMINE, MAY HE DELIVER YOUR SOUL FROM DEATH, KEEP YOU ALIVE AND SATISFY AND EVEN FILL YOUR MOUTH WITH LAUGHTER.(See Job 5:20;Ps 33:19 & 37:19)


Elijah’s miracle was manifold. Firstly, he would have a fresh and ample source of water when everyone else was forced to scrimp. Next, he would be hidden away from the king whose wrath he had incurred. Yet he would not live under the typical constraints of fugitivity but in the liberty of a son. I pray that you will be hidden under the wings of the Almighty, from those that hate you (sometimes without a cause). May you walk in the liberty of sonship wherewith Christ has set you free. Thirdly, God also made a miraculous provision of bread and meat (that is a rich balanced diet, as opposed to a meager meal of say, stale bread and water). Twice every day, ravens brought the prophet this sumptuous fare. There are several miracles of note here. Ravens are omnivores and will often scavenge and feed on whatsoever they can find. To get them to ferry prepared meals twice a day for a season is a miracle of great note. My God shall likewise supply your need by the agency of the unlikely. Daily and several times in the day, God will raise the unlikely to meet you at the very point of your need. You will know no lack for The Lord God is your Sun and Shield and will give you grace and glory, withholding no good thing from you as you walk in faith.


We do not know how long this arrangement continued for but we are told that it came to pass after a while that the brook, on account of the sustained and severe famine, dried up. That, like everything else, did not take our omniscient Father by surprise. He knows the end from the beginning. He is also omnipotent and benevolent- He has good thoughts towards His sons (and daughters who are also classified as sons, by the way!) and has the power and the will to bring those good thoughts to pass. For the prophet’s next phase, God, as He commanded ravens to feed the prophet in the first phase, had commanded a widow woman to feed him. This was equally miraculous. In the first place, the widow was not a Hebrew. Secondly, a widow would not be anybody’s choice of a saviour and certainly not one down to her last meal. Yet God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are infinitely higher than ours. Indeed, even what could be called mankind’s wisest propositions cannot hold a candle or compare to what is designated as the foolishness of God! Be encouraged because it is written that God will make you the head of nations; people you have not known will serve you; as soon as they hear of you, they will obey you; foreigners will come cringing to you (Psalm 18:43-45).


God will use improbable and unlikely people, circumstances and sources to bless you. What is a curse to others will be to you, a blessing. As the floods in Noah’s days swept away the wicked but bore up Noah’s ark, so shall God’s goodness and justice bear you up as it dispenses with your adversaries. As in Exodus 14:20, the Pillar of God’s presence around you will be darkness to your enemies and light to you and your path. In keeping with the word of The Lord to you, your jar of flour will not be used up and your jug of oil will not run dry no matter the prevalent economic circumstances. Thus your bread is blessed and your water is blessed and indeed, sickness is taken from the midst of thee. Thus the healing virtue secured by Jesus’ stripes, in this season flows to you and your household ( EVEN TO THAT PERSON DIAGNOSED WITH A SO-CALLED TERMINAL OR INCURABLE CONDITION). In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ , I command you to be loosed of that infirmity and to arise and be whole in Christ, the Anointed One.


May the Almighty God crown your year with goodness and cause your paths to drop with fatness. As it is written, the end of a matter is better than its beginning; likewise, the end of your year will far surpass its beginning. The God who spoke to Elijah and then diligently watched over His word to perform it, do the same (with a New Covenant twist) in your life.

Here is a poem specially written for you to drive home the message:

Though the devil may have you outnumbered

And you feel in the spirit, dismembered;

 Carrying sins and weights that encumber,

From the pits you cannot even clamber.

 By God’s power from His holy chamber,

I bind spirits that hold you in slumber.

 The name of The Lord is like a bomber

That shatters to bits the devil’s lumber.

 Whether at work or in your bedchamber,

He will make of you a true rock climber.

Fanning to flames, dead dreams from their embers

Making body, soul and spirit limber.

 As the year comes to an end that’s somber,

He’ll make yours a November to remember.

Shalom dear child of God. Have a glorious year-end. As always you are loved, precious and appreciated.

Omawumi Michael Efueye

Pastor O


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  1. God bless you Sir! Awesome, reassuring and refreshing message:)

  2. Pastor O, thank you for this apt Word in season; and this poem, which resonates so much with me at this moment. I take encouragement from this and hold on to the Word of God. It is well.

  3. Thanks Pastor O, I really needed that

  4. Thanks pastor o for all your constant words of encouragement …May God continue to uplift you and your ministry …

  5. Thanks a lot Pastor O for the uplifting and inspiring words. It has come at the precise time for me. The good Lord will continue to uphold you, your family and ministry in Jesus’ name.

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